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Escape Speed Rope


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The ideal rope for introducing members to jump rope training. This rope is also up to the task of giving more advanced users a tool to improve coordination and raise their heart rate.

Jump rope training is making a comeback, and Escape Fitness is at the forefront of the journey. Used by various athletes as a principal exercise in their workouts, it is a respected discipline within the fitness industry that can provide a number of benefits. These include arm and core conditioning, strengthening of the shoulders, improved cardiovascular endurance, training fast twitch muscle fibres, working and toning the glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings as well as improving co-ordination.

These ropes can be incorporated into a circuit, specific workouts, HIIT training, or as a warm-up/cool-down. Our three jump ropes – Fitness, Leather and Cross Training possess various unique qualities that make each one ideal for different training types. Great for PT sessions, serious athlete conditioning, general fitness and even Group X classes – jumping rope just got fit again


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