MX100 Adjustable Barbell Set & Rack

MX100 Adjustable Barbell Set & Rack


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MX100 Rapid Change Barbell Systems features our unique MX SELECT patented rack and pinion design; compact size, balanced, secure and accurate.The MX100 rapid change Steel Knurled Barbell System includes Straight Bar, and EZ Curling Bar, 100lbs (45kg) of weight all on a sleek and compact storage Rack.
The premium Knurled Barbells provides a traditional look with perfect depth and cross-hatch to deliver a trusted, solid feel.
With either MX100 Bar cradled in the rack, you can simply select weight from 28 – 100lbs (12.8 – 45.5kg) at the turn of a dial. You securely lock the selected weight into place by pressing the selector dial down into the housing.
The MX100 twin bar storage Rack (included) allows for rapid and easy changing between Straight and EZ-Curl Bars, both using the same nylon coated, machined steel weight plates. MX100 replaces 10 x fixed Barbells and 10 x fixed EZ-Curl Bars with a compact, convenient and smart system.
MX100 Rapid Change Barbell System is safe, convenient, accurate and space efficient. The perfect addition to any home fitness area, it pairs perfectly with the optional MX Dumbbells or Bench Systems to deliver a total free-weight training package.

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Weight Range 12.8-45.5 kg in 3.6 kg increments
(28-100 lbs in 8 lb increments)
Barbell Length & Minimum Weight 123.4 cm – MIN 12.8 kg
(48.58” – MIN 28 lbs)
Barbell Length & Maximum Weight 141.3 cm – MAX 45.5 kg
(55.63” – MAX 100 lbs)
Handle Dimensions Grip Length 110.5 cm (43.5”)
Grip Diameter 2.93 cm (1.15”)
Footprint – Two Barbells & Rack 140.8 cm L x 48 cm W x 83.5 cm H
(55.43” L x 18.9” W x 32.87” H)
Total Weight – Two Barbells & Rack 78.6 kg (173.3 lbs)


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