8KG Rubber Kettlebell

8KG Rubber Kettlebell


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Escape Rubber Kettlebells feature cast stainless steel handles so they’re comfortable, strong and won’t chip or rust.

These kettlebells are a classic choice. The comfortable handles ensure they are easy-to-use and kind to members’ hands. Just as importantly, the textured bell surface is especially easy to grip.

Be sure to get the very best from your kettlebells with the Kettlebell Instructor Training Course. This provides trainers and coaches with all the knowledge they need to properly implement and teach key kettlebell exercises like the swing, snatch and Turkish get-up. It also includes workouts and training programs to implement in your club.

Permanently engraved, oversized numbering that won’t wear off. This helps for fast weight identification and selection, and the dimpled surface of the bell provides a sure-grip when performing goblet squats or presses.


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