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At Solutions to Exercise through Life Ltd. (S.Ex.Life Ltd.) we understand that our customers need service they can count on to keep their fitness equipment up and running. S.Ex.Life Ltd.’s Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to keep your fitness equipment, exercise equipment and gym equipment working safely and efficiently and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication and inspections. It is a misconception that since a piece of equipment is under a manufacturer’s warranty a service agreement isn’t necessary.


The best analogy is your vehicle. Although the vehicle is under warranty, the dealer does not pay for oil changes, tire rotation, alignments, tune ups, etc… All equipment has a manufacturer suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule which should be performed from the day you receive your equipment. We offer a customized program designed for your specific needs. Upon contract approval, your facility and its equipment will be entered into our database to track the service history and inventory of your equipment.

  •         You will find that regular servicing of your equipment pays for itself!
  •         No more “Out-of-Order” signs
  •         Lower repair costs on older equipment.
  •         Equipment lifespan is greatly increased.
  •         Create a safe workout environment limiting potential liability.
  •         Higher client retention.
  •         Greater return on investment!

A dedicated call center, open Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm, staffed with knowledgeable service reps.

  • Our call center service reps address each service individually, based on a variety of factors to determine the most efficient and cost effective service solution for the customer.
  • Service management software to enable us to properly manage and track your service issue from start to finish.
  • Typical initial call response times average 2 days from the time we receive your request until the time the technician arrives on site to diagnose. (Seasons and call volumes affect response time. While we cannot guarantee a response time, we do everything possible to ensure your issue is addressed as quickly as possible).

Our service department offers several contract options to help our customers better manage the maintenance and repair of their fitness equipment. Typically, base service, or preventive maintenance contracts cover preventive maintenance trips to your site, to ensure your equipment has the best care and to prevent problems that occur due to poor maintenance. The term and frequency of these contracts are tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. Additionally, unlimited labor options are available to add to a contract. This option would cover any and all site labor and trips above and beyond preventive maintenance (i.e. emergency repairs due to actual equipment failure). We work with each customer individually to determine the contract specifics that will best meet their needs and budget.

  • A fixed number of annual inspection and service visits
  • Service intervals depending on the type of equipment and facility
  • Health and safety certificate
  • Equipment registered on our database for performance monitoring
  • Full technical assistance
  • Average response within 48 hours within our principle working hours
  • All callout charges
  • All labour charges
  • Depending on the contract, spare parts provided free of charge or with higher discount
  • Maintenance schedules for gym staff to follow

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