Medicine Ball Rack – 5 Balls

Medicine Ball Rack – 5 Balls


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The Escape Medicine Ball Storage Rack is extremely convenient way to store Medicine balls which minimizes risks and looks great in any home gym space or facility.

The Escape Medicine Ball Storage Rack stores up to 5 medicine balls which helps keep a neat and organized fitness space. The Escape Medicine Ball Storage Racks keeps your medicine balls within reach and easy to find which means no time is wasted looking for the correct ball, making your workout more effective and allows you to completely focus on your workout.

Medicine balls are a fantastic addition to any fitness regime because unlike other free weight options such as dumbbells or barbells, medicine balls can be dropped or thrown without damaging them or your flooring. They are also an essential part of plyometric training which increase muscle strength and stretches your muscles allowing you to move faster and more efficiently.

Using a medicine ball has multiple benefits for your body. A medicine ball is one of the most effective fitness accessories as it effectively trains and strengthens all muscle groups. It can improve speed and accuracy; help build up explosive power and improve coordination and balance. Using a medicine ball is also an effective part of strength training which has many benefits such as gaining muscle mass and protecting bones and joints, strength training helps those looking to lose weight as it boost metabolism which speeds up the rate in which your body burn calories, it is also beneficial for increasing energy levels and improving moods due to the elevated levels of Endorphins.


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