Iron Master Quicklock Kettlebell Set

Iron Master Quicklock Kettlebell Set

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Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell Handle Features:

  • Uses the same weight plates and locking screws as the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells.
  • QLKB empty handle weight:  22.5 lbs
  • Weight range using the QLDB standard locking screws:  22.5 – 57.5 lbs.
  • Weight range using the QLDB Add on Kit locking screws:  57.5-80 lbs.
  • Adjustable in 2.5 lb increments.
  • Grip diameter:  1.375″
  • Dimensions: 8.75″ wide x 7.75″ tall for the empty handle. 11.5″ tall at 57.5 lbs, 13.75″ tall at 80 lbs.
  • Super durability with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Weight is marked in both LBS and KGS. KB Handle weighs approx 10.2 KG.

The QLKB handle weighs 22.5 lbs empty and will accept the Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates and uses the same locking screws. This makes it a great accessory to expand the capabilities of our adjustable dumbbells and save you money. The standard locking screws will allow building up to 57.5 lb KB weight and with the Add on Kit locking screws you can go up to 80 lbs KB weight. As you can see this is a serious training tool at these kinds of weight capacities. It locks up absolutely tight and is safe to swing around aggressively.

The handle is big enough for two-handed use but shaped well for a single hand. The handle is extra strong and provides just the perfect amount of grip.  The shape and ergonomics designed into this KB are the results of extensive R&D. The locking screw will not interfere with your grip with the extra room in the handle area. The QLKB is sold as a single handle but if you like an extra challenge, you can get two!

We also offer extra weight plates and locking screw kits for those who do not already have the Ironmaster dumbbells or who just need more weight.


Comfortable and Easy to Use After years of extensive research and development, we have finally created the perfect kettlebell handle that is suited for both single and double hand use. The shape of our QLKB has been designed for your comfort while you are doing overhead movements like kettlebell presses.

  1. For single and double-hand use. The grip is 1.37” thick so it is big enough for double-hand use, but its shape accommodates single-hand use as well.
  2. No interfering screws. It is 7.5” tall and 8.75” wide so there is plenty of room for your grip. The locking screw will not interfere with your grip with the extra room in the handle area.
  3. Comfortable. The base is shaped perfectly to ensure the comfort of your forearm during overhead moves such as kettlebell presses.

Safe Swings

The QLKB Handle is designed to keep you and the other trainers around you safe throughout your routine. It has the right amount of smoothness and grittiness to make sure that you maintain a good grip during each movement, thereby allowing you to have a safe workout.

  1. Locks up absolutely tight. This handle, even when loaded up to full capacity, is safe to swing around aggressively. It is designed to hold the plates securely once you have screwed them in place. This way, you can enjoy a worry-free workout and maintain your focus.
  2. The perfect balance between handle grittiness and smoothness. Our kettlebell handle is neither too slick–which will require superb grip strength and consequently force you to either decrease the load or use chalk–nor too gritty against the skin. You can do ballistic training exercises without injuring your hands and forearms with our QLKB Handle.
  3. Fat grip. Our 1.375” thick handle is designed to prevent your hand from sliding out while minimizing fatigue from doing high repetition exercises.

User-friendly and Flexible

Our QLKB handle is an integral part of our adjustable kettlebell systems that allow you to easily make changes between 22.5lbs to 80lbs in 2.5lb increments.

  1. Ideal for beginners and warm-ups. Our QLKB handle itself already weighs 22.5 lbs or approximately 10.2 kgs, making it perfect for warm-up exercises as well as beginner-level kettlebell workouts.
  2. Different screws for different weight limits. Use the standard locking screw to lift up to 57.5 lbs. The add on kit locking screws (sold separately) allows you to lift weights up to 80 lbs.
  3. Make progress at your own pace. Build up your strength by adding more weight plates to our kettlebell handle whenever you are ready to lift a heavier weight. You can easily adjust the weights in 2.5 lb increments.


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